What is a company culture and why is it important for ALL maid services?

In this video, Diane Daniel will guide you through:
- Why you need to proactively shape your company culture and how to start
- Some small things you can do that will really help positive culture flourish
- The importance of honesty and open communication to make your employees feel valued
- How to set healthy boundaries for everyone: the owners, staff and cleaning clients.

Diane Daniel is the founder and owner of Enjoy Life Cleaning Services, a home cleaning company designed to make homeowners’ lives easier by providing consistent quality services. Her focus on team building, company culture development, and amazing customer service at her cleaning business has enabled it to grow beyond expectations.

This awesome talk was just one of 44 expert talks shown in the Maid Summit - the first & only online virtual conference for Maid Services. Watch the other talks at: https://maidsummit.com

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