In 2009, Kate was 40, fresh from a divorce, and in desperate need of a way to support herself and her sons. So, she turned to what she knew. “I knew h...View Details

What is a company culture and why is it important for ALL maid services? In this video, Diane Daniel will guide you through:- Why you need to proactiv...View Details

In this video, Maid Service expert Ryan Leavitt walks you through how to land commercial accounts using Facebook ads today. Specifically Airbnb and pr...View Details

Ever wondered what the secret formula is for great customer service? We've got you! In this presentation, you will learn Faye Horton's CHAT customer s...View Details

Do you have a solid process in place to get consistent online reviews? In this video, you will learn:- the importance of getting reviews online- how t...View Details

Do you want a way to build a list of not just customers, but loyal, raving fans for your Maid Service? Tim Croll, sales and marketing expert will tell...View Details

In this video, Maid Service expert Mike Callahan explains what a fully automated cleaning company can look like. He goes into detail about how to appr...View Details

How to have a Money Mindset with Caren Fern. In this video, you will learn: - how to let go of the negative ways you think about money - what is an ab...View Details

Jean Hanson, a 32 year veteran of the cleaning industry and Co-founder of 2 cleaning companies teaches cleaning business owners the most effective way...View Details

In this Maid Summit video, Roman Peysakhovich owner of Maid Masters goes in-depth into his company's case study of how they implemented the 'Traction'...View Details

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